TALKINGTECH is revolutionising the payments and collections process for some of the biggest names in the financial services, telecoms and utilities markets across the world.

Over 30 years of global industry intelligence.

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in New Zealand, TALKINGTECH has amassed over 30 years of expertise and global industry intelligence in the areas of customer engagement, payments and collections.

With offices serving New Zealand, Australasia, the UK, South Africa and North America we provide critical payment and self-service solutions to some of the world’s largest blue chip companies in the financial services, telecoms and utility sectors. We also support over 600 libraries throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand with our award-winning i-tiva system.  

Our team passionately believes that by offering end-customers choice and flexibility, it’s easier for them to pay their bills promptly and increase the overall brand experience. We help our clients, including Telefonica, Energy Australia, Dun & Bradstreet, EDF Energy, Experian, HSBC, Nedbank and Vodafone in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, to put the end customer firmly at the centre of any payment and collections decisions and processes. 

TALKINGTECH's measurable customer engagement strategies are supported by our extensive ability to track customer preferences and then use this insight to deliver highly personalised experiences across multiple channels. This approach helps companies to shrink costs as well as understand and reduce customer churn. 

TALKINGTECH runs the TALKINGTECH Foundation, which supports small projects with the aim of improving healthcare and education for the disadvantages, through innovation and technology. 

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Our Management Team: 

Phil Stark - Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Hanrahan - Chief Financial Officer

Darin Gillies - Chief Technology Officer

Alan Moss - Head of Product Management

Grant de Leeuw - General Manager UK

Sean Young - General Manager North America

Stephen Lowe - Regional Sales Manager New Zealand

Michael Chatfield - Account Director Australia & Asia

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