The voice of your library. 

It’s estimated that most of us receive hundreds of messages via various channels all day, every day and this is unlikely to reduce, any time soon. With so many messages vying for our attention, many of us filter information in an attempt to retain some control.

This doesn’t bode well for organisations using email and post to communicate important information to their customers. You can only assume the message actually got through as no interaction has occurred. Any response is at the discretion of the recipient.

Compare this to a typical telephone conversation which automatically engages the recipient, in which information is exchanged and immediately acted upon.

The difference - human voice creates a sense of urgency and a call to action, is interactive and two way. No other communications medium can effectively emulate this.

The power of voice

Traditional contact methods absorb valuable staff time, reducing the amount of time they can spend productively helping users make better use of library services.

i-tiva uses the motivational power of voice in an interactive telephone messaging system. With the call to action power of human voice, you have more effective delivery of messages and quicker response times.  

About i-tiva

TALKINGTECH's i-tiva is an automated interactive communications solution used by over 600 libraries around the world. 

Our MESSAGE service allows libraries to contact their users and deliver personalised library notifications. This is an effective, gentle way of reminding users that, for example, their books are overdue or that their reservations / holds have arrived.

Our CONNECT service allows library users to call in and access their library account over the phone, 24 / 7. This automatic and efficient self-service process ‘frees up’ the time of library staff and continual access extends the hours of library service to the library user. 

In addition to providing a voice solution, i-tiva SMS is also available. Billions of text messages are sent every day with the number set to increase even more! i-tiva SMS offers all the benefits of i-tiva MESSAGE using text technology. You can target your library users with a technology they use all day, every day.

Benefits for the Library

  • Faster notification for quicker returns or collections
  • Frees up library staff allowing them to focus more on service delivery and attend to key library management tasks
  • Fully integrates with major LMS / ILS 
  • Reduced overheads as money is saved on postage and printing
  • Proof of delivery

Benefits for the user 

  • Users are given a choice in how they interact with your library
  • Extended hours of access as users can access key library services 24/7
  • Increased circulation gives users more choice