SURVEY is a solution that can be used in many diverse ways depending on your own requirements. 

Why not use SURVEY to capture information about your individual customers?  Accurate, up to date information on your customers is one of the most important business tools you can own and we can help you achieve this in a very effective manner.

SURVEY can be used as a data harvesting tool.  Why stop at collecting data when you can also distil and update large amounts of valuable customer information?  This will help you to hit the right customer with the right message every time.

SURVEY can also be used to gather insight, opinions and perceptions about your business, your agents, your products and services.  The interactive surveys allow your customers to score your organisation on a number of such topics including customer satisfaction.   Surveying topics such as customer satisfaction will help you to highlight areas of strength and weakness within your organisation and putting focus into these areas can lead to a reduction in churn and an increase in revenue.

Our SURVEY solution can be used in many ways however common examples includes the measurement of customer satisfaction and contact centre agent performance, and also using as a data harvesting tool.

When using the SURVEY tool to measure customer satisfaction and / or agent performance, we offer a webtool that provides regular score updates from the top down to lowest level.  This hierarchal structure allows you to drill down into performing, and less so, areas of your business.  You can also use the webtool to retrieve messages that may have been recorded by your customers during the outbound survey.

Should you request this feature, the SURVEY tool can also offer your customers the ability to transfer into your contact centre should they want / need to speak with you.

Our Campaign Manager webtool allows you to securely view and manage your TALKINGtech profiles at your own convenience.  This fantastic tool provides a simple graphical interface that allows you to control many aspects of work and is designed to easily scale from small bodies of work to large multi-department, multi-file dialling.

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