Quite simply, we help large businesses keep customers.

More customers leave an organisation because of dissatisfaction with the relationship than because of dissatisfaction with the product or services they provide. Effective customer engagement and customer loyalty comes down to how user-friendly and respectful the engagement with their provider is. TALKINGTECH takes an in-depth look inside business-to-consumer organisations and we identify areas where improved and coordinated Payment solutions can reduce your customer churn and operational costs.

Paying bills is the greatest test of customer satisfaction and in many large businesses, is the most frequent and regular engagement a company has with its customers. From Direct Debit to writing a cheque, the billing and payment phase of a customer’s relationship life-cycle is the biggest opportunity to reduce churn and improve customer loyalty thereby increasing the longevity of customer relationships.

Strategies geared to improve customer loyalty and cost efficiency.


Customers expect to engage with companies on their own terms. TALKINGTECH offers your customers multiple channels to suit their individual communication and payment preferences. By establishing and managing coordinated strategies, we turn the Payment process in to a gratifying customer engagement. Our measurable model reduces costs for the business and ensures customers are more satisfied, more loyal and less likely to churn.

TALKINGTECH’s strategies designed to improve customer engagement and loyalty, also improve your cost efficiency. From early through to late payers, our best practice Payment strategies ensure the right solutions are being offered to the right customers, at the right time. Customer-specific tactics encourage uptake of self-service solutions, shifting resource pressures away from costly channels such as call centres – which could be redirected to areas of greater need.

Coordinated Payment Strategies


TALKINGTECH strategies cover all aspects of Payment communications, from call centre and Direct Debit management, hardcopy letter and email, through to IVR and SMS – as well as our own world-leading Mobile Payment Portal.

These multiple channels are facilitated together in a cohesive Omni-channel approach that delivers your customers a consistent brand experience with choice and flexibility. By communicating with your customer through their preferred channel, your invoice is more likely to be paid ahead of those of other, less customer-centric billers.

Measurable results based on agreed KPIs


From personalised reminders to customer selected invoice dates, TALKINGTECH will work with you to identify the greatest opportunities for improvement and reduction of customer churn. We provide measurable results based on agreed KPIs, matched to your own preferred metrics and our fees are tied to results achieved against these targets. Our business advisory and consulting services are ‘budgetary negative’, delivering strategies with measurable impacts on reducing the bottom line far outweighing the cost.

As examples, some agreed KPIs may relate to the following metrics: protecting and reinstating Direct Debit arrangements, reducing customer churn, reducing debtor days, increasing customer satisfaction scores, increasing call centre productivity or reducing operational costs. And we don’t stop there! Ongoing measurement and analysis identifies customer behaviour and Next Best Actions are executed in a cycle of continuous improvement.

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