TALKINGTECH helps clients, including EDF ENERGY, O2 and Vodafone, to better engage their customers in digital bill payments and collections.

We work in partnership with organisations and individual consultants in the debt, risk, analytics, credit and consumer advice industries, to develop and deliver collections and bill payments strategies. These relationships use the best of our collective experience and expertise, to reduce the clients' collections costs as well as increase customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

By partnering with TALKINGTECH, companies can augment their offering, powering them to add innovative customer engagement and payments options and channels to existing services.

"This partnership will enhance the existing services that we offer to our clients. Our clients will benefit from offering TALKINGTECH’s multi-channel, digital payments services to customers in collections, thereby increasing revenues and improving the brand journey. As the Canadian market inevitably becomes more regulated in forthcoming years, TALKINGTECH's experience in addressing regulation and compliance will also prove invaluable."

Richard Yap, Chief Operating Officer, SCORE